Welcome to DAOS

Welcoming Statement

DAOS is an academic institution which was established in 1992 alongside the opening of Daejin University. Daesoon Academy of Sciences (DAOS) seeks the truth of the Resolution of Grievances for Mutual Beneficence, the founding philosophy of Daejin University, and to contribute to global peace and human co-prosperity through academic research, educational activities, and virtue cultivation based on Daesoon Thought.

Daesoon Thought refers to a set of interlinking ideological systems related to the truth and philosophy of Daesoon Jinrihoe, the founding parent of Daejin University and a representative indigenous Korean religion. The main ideas of Daesoon Thought include the Holy Master Kang Jeungsan's philosophical thought regarding humans, society, the world, and the universe as well as the Resolution of Grievances for Mutual Beneficence (Haewon Sangsaeng), the Grateful Reciprocation of Favors for Mutual Beneficence (Boeun Sangsaeng), the Reordering Works of Heaven and Earth (Cheonji Gongsa), The Great Opening of the Three Realms, Earthly Paradise, World Peace, and philosophy of Human Nobility (Injon).

DAOS has continuously developed opportunities for academic research, academic exchange, research support, publishing projects, and the academy has established itself as an international academic institution that comprehensively studies Daesoon Thought by engaging with various local universities spread throughout the East and West.

Major projects undertaken by DAOS include the regular publication of Journal of the Daesoon Academy of Sciences (listed within the Korean Citation Index [KCI]) and Journal of Daesoon Thought and the Religions of East Asia (an international English language academic journal) as well as holding the World SangSaeng Forum as an international academic conference. DAOS also hosts regular academic conferences (four times a year), and, via academic exchange programs, DAOS has worked with world-class academic organizations to sponsor or jointly organize academic conferences such as the Academic Forum on East Asian Humanities (Peking University), CESNUR Conference (Center for Studies on New Religions), International Academic Forum on New Religions in East Asia (National Chengchi University, Taiwan), and the International Conference on Daoist Studies. Additionally, DAOS actively promotes various research support projects and translation and publishing projects that attract domestic and foreign academic institutions and scholars.

DAOS is an academic research institute that provides a global foundation for academic research on Daesoon Thought and related disciplines through the continuous promotion of major projects and various academic activities. Furthermore, DAOS contributes to the global peace and human co-prosperity that is sought within Daesoon Thought, and it is upon these aspirations that we plan our future development.

Thank you.

Bae Kyu-han
chairman of Daesoon Academy of Sciences 배규한